VivantFM is an Australian developed contract management software solution specifically designed for auditing and managing service quality and service delivery anywhere and everywhere on the planet.  Our goal is to make service delivery measurable and visible to stakeholders in real time.   The software is simple and intuitive to use on all platforms and provides detailed reporting and benchmarking for any contracted service.

About Us

VivantFM has over 20 years of experience in auditing and contract management software.  Our original product CiMAS, was developed in 1998 as as audit tool for cleaning, food service and healthcare cleaning audits. CiMAS was enhanced with capabilities to create and manage workorders and to provide users with a responsive and intuitive experience on PC, tablets and smartphones.

VivantFM is a leap forward from CiMAS in layout, simplicity and application and is designed for end-to-end management of contracts and service delivery.



Our team has over 100 years combined experience in contract auditing and management software.  Our Solution architects are based in Australia, Berlin and Canada, providing global coverage and product support.