Build & modify tender costing sheets in minutes

VivantFM generates customised multi site open plan Excel costing templates for quote generation and tender submissions. 

  • Build custom Excel costing sheets for any tender
  • Modify and make last minute changes in minutes
  • Bulk upload returned tenders
  • Check, compare and analyse tender cost sheets

Easy to build, fast to modify

Need to change a multi-site costing spreadsheet at the last minute?  'No problems .. just give me a minute and it will be done'.

Check for changes

VivantFM checks integrity of returned costing sheets and generates a report if any background changes have been made.

Generate analysis

Returned tenders can be uploaded, checked and analysed in minutes with a detailed analysis report.

Save Time & Money in tender preparation!

VivantFM contract management app will build, produce & analyse multi-site tender costing sheets with just a few mouse clicks!

Tenders made easy!

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