Real time Time & Attendance Solution

Track Time, Location and Site Attendance
for employees and contract service personnel

  • log in and check in via phone or tablet
  • GPS Logged Timesheets
  • Incorporates site induction forms and custom checklists
  • Mapping interface tracks movement around and between sites
  • Detailed Reporting and data export

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Confirm time on site

Hours of attendance are easily verified. Data can be exported easily for use in other apps

Real time location sharing

VivantFM Time in Attendance is an ideal solution for employees or contractors working alone or working on remote sites. You always know where they are and how long they were on site.

Add custom forms & photos

Pre & Post work Induction forms, work checklists, safety checks?   No problem.   Save time on the job and eliminate paperwork.

Control contract costs and reduce risk in real time!

VivantFM Contract Management Solution will manage and track service time and attendance in real time

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