The perfect solution for managing service quality and service delivery

VivantFM is a powerful audit and inspection and contract management solution


VivantFM is the ideal solution for building managers and cleaning service providers for managing cleaning services and cleaning contracts.  VivantFM is a powerful audit and reporting platform and operational KPI compliance tool that streamlines contract management and offers an end-to-end solution that includes labour and cost analysis for tenders, Quotes, Work Orders and contract compliance.

Food Safety audits and Compliance

VivantFM Software is a comprehensive audit platform and operational KPI compliance tool.

Building Maintenance & Facility Management

VivantFM will manage building maintenance and building services including Building Inspections, fire systems contracts, grounds and garden, pest control & maintenance contracts

Oil and Gas Industry

VivantFM is used in the Oil & Gas Industries under Propel brand to manage field service and maintenance and helps you to keep track of your company’s operations. For more information on Oil and gas field applications click here

Health & Aged Care

VivantFM offers a comprehensive solution for auditing, managing and tracking service quality for all healthcare services including cleaning, clinical care and  hospital service contracts

Occupational Health and Safety Audits

VivantFM Software is a comprehensive audit platform and operational compliance tool for Workplace Health and Safety.  VivantFM tracks rectification and mitigation procedures to eliminate identified risks.  VivantFM's time & attendance capabilities include options for pre-work risk assessments and safety checklists and provides real-time reporting of worker location .

Local Government

VivantFM manages building maintenance and building services including cleaning, building inspections, fire systems contracts, grounds and garden and general maintenance contracts

Mining Camp Accommodation Villages

VivantFM is used to manage and report on all services in mining accommodation villages including cleaning, maintenance, food safety and quality, pool maintenance, grounds and gardens, water quality and guest feedback.

VivantFM service management software

An end-to-end solution for Management of Contracts and Services

Contract Management made easy

VivantFM manages all aspects of contract management, contract reporting and service delivery for multiple sites and multiple contracts.  VivantFM produces custom pricing sheets for tenders and analyses returned price sheets.  There is seamless integration and transition from quote to work order and will even invoice teh service for you if you are a service provider.

Easy to Use
VivantFM is easy to use.  Data can be entered and accessed anytime, anywhere, on line or offline.  VivantFM offers powerful & intuitive filtering of data that enables you to drill down and obtain the information on contract performance that you need, when you need it, by country, state, department, contract, site, asset, date, user and much more.  Unlimited customisable reporting dashboards provides the data that you when you need it while auto data assembly and text editor takes the drudgery out of contract reporting.

Easy Data Integration
Setup is easy!  Data, site and asset information can be uploaded easily and quickly from Excel.  Data can also be downloaded to excel for integration with other applications.




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